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The Interesting World of Art

Human beings have this intrinsic capacity to admire everything beautiful, extraordinary and eye-catching. This gives rise to an innate urge to give a flow to one’s creative expression in the form of music, technology, spreading your colors on paper and photography. Your expression can be anything from naturalistic, realistic, inspirational and conceptual. This means that we are surrounded by Art in way or the other in our day to day life. With sedentary lifestyle and its associated drawbacks taking a toll on our lives the importance of art cannot be denied in the world we live in.

The Current Trends from the World of Art
It can be rightly said that art market is in a better shape than the economy. The reason for the same can be attributed to the fact that art can offer much needed comfort during times of trouble and hence is a safer investment option to consider.

Copper artwork is another consistently growing and hot trend from the world of fine art. Some gorgeous patterns and colors can be created on a piece of metal especially by working it into 3 dimensional ripples. It is interesting to note how the shape of the wave is enhanced when light changes its movement due to the changing angle of the sun.

Photography is the recent trend from the world of art that is gaining immense popularity among people across continents and due credit needs to be given to photographers for managing to bring still pictures to life and let them do the talking. When talking about the field of photography some pioneering work has been witnessed by dedicated photographers like Tierney Gearon who has revolutionized the way in which photography is seen today. You can go online to learn more about where to view Gearon’s photos.

Contemporary Art Trends — A Study of Tierney Gearon
This is an interesting topic about the manner in which a different approach is used by the artist to come out with hybrid styles. In this form of artistic expression, a hybrid of different styles is created with the help of symbolic narratives, figurative work and enveloping one image over the other  ( when it comes to the field of photography). This blurring of variations can produce interesting results for the observer.

Tierney Gearon has successfully managed to include variations in her photographs through double exposures. What makes her work unique is the fact that she resorts to the traditional process of doubly exposing the image that is present inside the camera. What makes every different picture a piece of art is that Tierney Gearon doesn’t make use of Photoshop or retouching to work on these images. It is a myriad hybrid of patterns and colors that is the end result. The photographer is influenced by her life experiences revolving around her life with her family and kids being her biggest source of inspiration. Sally Mann, Amy Stein, ElinorCarucci and David Hillard are other photographers who have a somewhat similar or resembling style like her’s.

What excites Tierney Gearon is the surprise element associated with her photography because either the end result after combining two different locations on a single film is a hit or a mess. This out of the box approach is what differentiates this photographer’s work from others.