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Art supplies in the Middle East

Art suppliesIf you’re a professional artist, a keen amateur painter or perhaps a mother who simply likes creating colourful craft projects with her children, and you are going to be moving to the Middle East in the near future, you may be wondering how you can continue your artwork in your new locale.

Thankfully you should always be able to find an art supplies store wherever you are, or you can follow this link for more information. But to give you a helping hand, read on for a selection of shops in Jordan, Qatar and the UAE.

Located in the beautiful and historic capital city of Amman, you will find Samir and Ghassan’s art supply store. It’s a fully-stocked shop and includes among its items a wide selection of popular brand-name supplies, ranging from Canson drawing pads to Da Vinci paint brushes and Bic ballpoint pens. They also boast more than 8000 similar products in their warehouse, including many hard-to-find items which will aid you in creating your artistic masterpieces. At Samir and Ghassan’s you can always expect to receive helpful service and advice.

If your new Arabian place of residence is located in in Dubai or Sharjah, there are several places to choose from when it comes to purchasing your art supplies. In Sharjah, conveniently situated opposite the Sharjah Art Museum, you will find Mosaic Gallery. Their extensive selection of products ranges from lino cutters to stencils, acrylic paints, decoupage napkins and wooden picture frame mouldings.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as in Sharjah you will also be able to visit the Art Materials stores. They can be found in Karama and in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates among other places. This long-established franchise sells all the products, accessories and materials any art enthusiast could ever need. Whether your kids are embarking on an artistic school project or you are planning your next Picasso-esque masterpiece you will be able to find what you need, as these stores sell everything from glitter glues to graphic pencils, oils and acrylics and palettes and knives.

In Qatar there are several different stores you can try. If you’re only interested in crafting and scrapbooking or perhaps doing a bit of painting as a hobby, try Al Ansari International, located in Doha, or the Jarir Bookstore on Rayan Road (also in Doha) which has an arts and crafts section boasting such items as scrapbooks, paints, moulding clay and mosaic tile designs. If you’re a professional artist you will want to make your way to Al Wan – perhaps the most impressive art supply store in Doha. Located on the 3rd floor of the City Centre Mall in West Bay, Al Wan stocks all kinds of useful supplies ranging from canvases in varying sizes to photo albums, the ubiquitous oil and acrylic paints and a variety of drawing products such as pens and pencils.