Samantha Pouls, the Film Maker in the Making

Knowing and understanding your passion is very important because it acts asa drivingforce to what you are going to indulge in. If you do notbelieve in this, the people who have made it in theplaces that they currently are in followed their passion. If you are good at talking, you needto look for a career that will make sure that you keep on talking.Youcan choose to be a teacher, a lawyer or any other career that will make sure that you keep on talking.Samantha Pouls decided to the same thing. She has a desire of being a film maker in the future and she is trying all that she can to make sure that her dream comes true.

The reason why Miss Pouls is focusing on film making is because her mother is encouraging her. If you have very supportive parents how are willing to support anything that you do as long as they know that you are right, you are going to make it through. The fact that the parents know what she want is a driving force because she will try her best and produce very nice work because there are people who believed in her. This is what people who are in the entertainment industry need. They need your support and you also have to believe in them.

When you are in the entertainment industry and you get to know that the people whom you are trying very hard to please are not in the same league as you are, you are going to fail. If you are a fan and there is a certain superstar that you admire so much youshouldgo on and comment on their blogs and even pages because this gives them psyche to move on. If you are having a mentor inthis industry, you need to let them know. You mightnot get tomeet them personally but you can comment or tell them via social media.

Like all other young people, Samantha Pouls has the people that she looks up to in this industry. There are some film makers that she wants to be like when she finally makes it in the entertainment industry. This is a challenge to the parents who do not want their children to venture into the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has a lot of money and you should also let your children enjoy what they like to do best.

Samantha Pouls, the Film Maker in the Making

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