‘In Time’ – A topical, timely thriller

NA Hollywood, famous for the acquisition of talent, Andrew Niccol is one of the few survivors authors. His films delve into the themes of justice, personal choices in the spoon and the reality of genetic and technological intervention in human life. With “In Time”, it adds a very timely, topical thriller, but that does not end so it accumulates.

In the near future, humans have been genetically engineered to stop aging at age 25. After 25 years, a clock starts and the time it became the single currency. A person could almost live forever if it saves time. Or if the company is comprised of believing Will Sallas (Justin Timberlake), a blue collar worker in the ghetto, who is accused of stealing a century of another man, he discovers a vast conspiracy.

Andrew Niccol’s films has always been obsessions of the human race. In “The Truman Show” which he wrote, he adheres to reality. “Lord of War” is made up of people during the war for his fetish for sci-fi masterpiece, “Gattaca”, speaks of a genetic predetermination and the resulting effect.

“In Time” was inspired by “Gattaca”. As in “Gattaca”, mankind has been genetically modified resulted in the creation of the commodity traded the most perfect – the time and consequently our own lives. In the movie, he breaks the last known photograph the damage for equality that no matter how rich or poor you were, they were all equal on one point – we all eventually die. He asks, what if one day we discover how not to die? What would people do? Does it lead to equality, or simply to replace one inequitable social structure to another?

Although set in a futuristic dystopian ghetto is a story of our time. Time becomes a metaphor for the unequal distribution of wealth in our own present. “For a couple to be immortal, many die,” a line from the film can be replaced by: a couple to become incredibly rich, many are poor. When we look around, this is exactly the state of our world today is ruled by capitalism “Darwinian” as Niccol points.

There is a structure, a system that was built causing a great injustice and misery in the world for most, while some flourish. The rich do their best to preserve that system, since they depend. The poor have no choice, but from time to time revolts, such as French and Russian revolutions of the “Arab spring” and the past and the “Wall Street’s movements now occupy.

The film, therefore, to build a wonderful symbol of our world insanely unfair. And that is a good writer Niccol, the film is full of witty writing and sharp.

However, unlike his other films tighter, there is an element of inconsistency and the duration of this film. It is built well, but fails in one end with more energy than his other films manage. Although it could have been a much darker satire of our time, like the novel 1984, Niccol also seems to have submerged the bottom of the dial tone. Maybe not the best writers in Hollywood.

However, the public will not be worth much more as you build a compelling story that is very real, despite its science fiction elements. “In Time” is a film very timely and very hot for this teacher.

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