LBX – The Little Battlers eXperience

Every time a play a game either online or offline, I think of the experience I get out of it. I have never found such a good game with so much customization anywhere else. You would be surprised to know that more than 2500 customized parts available under lbx. LBX has the head, body, right arm, left arm, and leg parts. Moreover, you can change the performance and features with various combinations. In simple, you can create an lbx character in your own way. On the basis of the total weight of the parts you use for your LBX, it will be ranked from grade A to E for “Speed Rating” which will change mobility of the battle.

When it comes to customized parts for lbx, there are three grades under it. These grades are NG (Normal Grade), HG (High Grade) and MG (Master Grade). HG and MG have “Skill icon” which generally shows the special forces of that weapon. When you assembled total of 5 parts with “Skill” part, your Speed Rank will go up by 1. If you able to take advantage of this, you can keep your LBX mobility even when you use heavy weapons like hammers.

There are different types of weapons available under lbx such as Hammer, Sword, Launcher, Hand Guns, Sniper Rifles and many more. So, enter into the world of action and adventure.

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