Desperate Cute Love

man-watching-a-woman (1)I’m going to tell you a very funny and desperate story about a friend of mine. I’m not going to reveal his name because he is a public figure, in fact he is a kind of youtube star and can be found in some funny videos , so I’ll use some random names. What matters is what happened and not to whom it happened.
So, one day my friend Mark tells me about a girl whose name I still do not know. Mark said over and over again that that girl might be his dream girl and stuff like that, but she has a boyfriend. Thanks to this minor factor, my friend could not come between them as he feared the girl won’t talk with him again if she knew he wanted to separate her from her boyfriend. However, Mark thought of a plan, actually several plans on how to win this girl over.
The first plan I considered to be quite good. He would have said to the girl he had an extra ticket to the theater and that none of his friends will come with him as they were all gone to a party. This was one good way to make his first move.
The second plan was just as good and thoughtful. Mark planned to ask the girl to go with him in search of a gift for a girl. In fact, he would have actually given the gift to me. I must confess that I really enjoyed this plan.
In his third plan, my Don Juan friend thought to provoke the girl to a bet and if she lost she would have to go with him on a date. I personally told him this was not such a good idea.
Well, his fourth plan was called “Plan D” aka Desperate Plan. Mark would have called this girl to ask her to go on a date with him or actually he planned to begg her to go out with him. Then he told me he run out of ideas.
I was very much amused of these strange plan of his and I must say I wanted to be there while he was putting in practice plan D. I even sugested him to cry a little while begging her to go out.
Anyway, lets continue with what happened next. Mark sent spies in town and if they would have seen the this girl on the street would tell him as soon as possible so that he could go there and talk with her. Again, a desperate gesture, but it worked. His spies confirmed the girl’s location and our Prince Charming got on his bike and went in search of his princess. When he got there, he saw the girl was with her mother, so he decided to get to know the girl’s parents in order to get closer to her. Somehow romantic, but very desperate.
One day the girl was shopping with her father and Mark followed them, he got a cart and filled it with food and stuff you eat when you watch a soccer game. I must say that Mark knows nothing about any kind of sport, but thanks to technology and to the Internet on his cell phone, he managed to have a discussion with the girl’s father about soccer matches. And that’s all. Mark continues to secretly love this girl.

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