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Watch TV With Your Pet

Girl and Dog Watching TVWe humans spend a lot of time watching TV and movies. This may leave our pets without someone to play with or someone to give them the attention they want and deserve. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Due to recent technological advancements, your pets can just watch TV with you.
For much of the television’s lifespan as a form of entertainment, it has been inaccessible to man’s best friend. The way images flickered on a screen made it impossible for dogs and other pets to discern what was happening on screen; it just looked like flashing. Now, however, your furry friends can watch TV with you. So, now, what to watch?

Well, there are actually programs designed with dogs in mind. There’s a great channel on YouTube called DogTV, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Many of the videos depict dogs walking around, running, and playing, along with some relaxing or stimulating music. Often, these elements are also paired with people saying affirmative and soothing things that are common phrases we already use with our pets, such as “good dog.” It can be a great way to stimulate your dog, or, if that’s not what you need, to relax them, or even put a restless dog to sleep.
Outside of that, they are ways to entertain you and your pets simultaneously. I’ll often find my dog watching TV with me, and I’ve been paying attention to what gets them interesting. The primary factor I’ve noticed is motion. Dogs love tracking moving objects, both in real life and on screen. So, anything with a lot of movement, and be sure to look for movement that reads well. Tracking shots make the movement of the subject much less apparent by following them with the camera.

With these tips in mind, you and your furry friends can spend some time watching TV together, and everybody’s happy. All that’s left is to get them some treats and toys to go along with movie night, and PetSmart can help you take care of that.

How to Edit Pictures Using Movavi Photo Suit

Movavi Photo

The benefit for using Movavi Photo Editor is always beneficial in all terms and aspects. The steps to edit a particular picture or a particular set of picture are very easy using Movavi Photo Editor. It’s just an easy pill for you if you want to set up the edit of pictures.

Step 1: You have to select the particular picture from the gallery to edit with the help of Movavi Photo Editor. You can also select a particular group of pictures along with them to arrange them in a frame. There are thousands of frames to pick through. You can choose any one of them. Movavi’s Premium photo editing program plays in a huge role for editing a picture. Be it in the frame for a DP in facebook or be it in the picture of your Whatsapp- you can use Movavi’s Premium photo editing program for the best edit in the country.

Step 2: Cut or crop from the picture you want to edit. Other than this, you can also select a particular picture are while picture editing. This set of tool is really helpful in individual usage as well as professional usage. In addition to the free photo editing tools, there are several other tools like Noise, Red Eye Removal and Auto Contrast. Movavi Photo Editor Premium makes out with a special offer that improves correction modes for Skin Tone, Lens Correction-Exposure, as well as manual and auto correction along with many more.

Step 3: it acts as the most important step for picture edit as the reference lies in mainly editing. This is the place where you can actually edit pictures and picture frames. You can edit photos, create slideshows and web albums to make up for the best edits. You can go beyond the photo processing process and create visual games like several jigsaws, sliding puzzle squares and swap puzzles. After the competition of this final step, your picture is ready to be shared.

The benefit of the Premium photo editing program set up by Movavi is always applaudable by all the users within the globe. Till now, it is the most recommended Movavi’s Premium photo editing program used by majority of the professional editors.

All these steps are mainly helpful for editing pictures and now your picture is edited for the best. You can visit the website to try out with Movavi.

Art supplies in the Middle East

Art suppliesIf you’re a professional artist, a keen amateur painter or perhaps a mother who simply likes creating colourful craft projects with her children, and you are going to be moving to the Middle East in the near future, you may be wondering how you can continue your artwork in your new locale.

Thankfully you should always be able to find an art supplies store wherever you are, or you can follow this link for more information. But to give you a helping hand, read on for a selection of shops in Jordan, Qatar and the UAE.

Located in the beautiful and historic capital city of Amman, you will find Samir and Ghassan’s art supply store. It’s a fully-stocked shop and includes among its items a wide selection of popular brand-name supplies, ranging from Canson drawing pads to Da Vinci paint brushes and Bic ballpoint pens. They also boast more than 8000 similar products in their warehouse, including many hard-to-find items which will aid you in creating your artistic masterpieces. At Samir and Ghassan’s you can always expect to receive helpful service and advice.

If your new Arabian place of residence is located in in Dubai or Sharjah, there are several places to choose from when it comes to purchasing your art supplies. In Sharjah, conveniently situated opposite the Sharjah Art Museum, you will find Mosaic Gallery. Their extensive selection of products ranges from lino cutters to stencils, acrylic paints, decoupage napkins and wooden picture frame mouldings.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as in Sharjah you will also be able to visit the Art Materials stores. They can be found in Karama and in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates among other places. This long-established franchise sells all the products, accessories and materials any art enthusiast could ever need. Whether your kids are embarking on an artistic school project or you are planning your next Picasso-esque masterpiece you will be able to find what you need, as these stores sell everything from glitter glues to graphic pencils, oils and acrylics and palettes and knives.

In Qatar there are several different stores you can try. If you’re only interested in crafting and scrapbooking or perhaps doing a bit of painting as a hobby, try Al Ansari International, located in Doha, or the Jarir Bookstore on Rayan Road (also in Doha) which has an arts and crafts section boasting such items as scrapbooks, paints, moulding clay and mosaic tile designs. If you’re a professional artist you will want to make your way to Al Wan – perhaps the most impressive art supply store in Doha. Located on the 3rd floor of the City Centre Mall in West Bay, Al Wan stocks all kinds of useful supplies ranging from canvases in varying sizes to photo albums, the ubiquitous oil and acrylic paints and a variety of drawing products such as pens and pencils.

Other Places to Use Liquitex Matte Medium

plaza11Liquitex matte medium is a powerful tool in your painter’s kit. You can use it to thin your paints, extend their drying time, and make them easier to blend. They can help you to achieve more effects in your painting and get more professional results.

However, Liquitex matte medium can be used for many more purposes than straight acrylic painting on canvas. Here are a few other ways you can use Liquitex matte medium:

Doll Painting
There is a wide world of doll artistry that involves transforming fashion dolls, creating baby dolls to look more realistic, or sculpting clay dolls from scratch. Acrylic paint is the perfect medium for painting these dolls since it adheres to the vinyl surface and spreads on easy. By using Liquitex matte medium, you can make the paint even easier to spread, allowing you to achieve even more realistic results. You can also use the medium for light texturing on the smaller surface. The matte finish ensures that your dolls don’t end up with shiny, unnatural looking faces.

Hobby Car Painting
Hobbyists who work with model cars use a special kind of acrylic paint that creates an enamel-like finish on the plastic. Liquitex matte medium can make the paints even smoother and easier to spread on, creating a professional finish. Your cars will look even better, and you can even create special effects, like flames or fades.

Sealing a Puzzle
If you like putting together puzzles, you might like one enough to keep it. You can glue it together and hang it on your wall. By spreading a thin coat of Liquitex matte medium over it, you can also seal it in. When the medium dries, it will protect the paint underneath from fading. The matte finish will ensure that the puzzle won’t look glossy and distracting on your wall.

Liquitex matte medium offers you a wide variety of uses for your creative endeavors. It is affordable and can be found at many online retailers, such as Plaza Art & Framing, as well as local art shops and hobby stores. Consider picking up several bottles to use in both your painting and in your hobbies. The medium will let you achieve more effects and make it easier for you to work. You’ll unlock a whole new level of creativity, whether you are working to improve your painting or you just dabble in hobbies on the weekends.

The Interesting World of Art

Human beings have this intrinsic capacity to admire everything beautiful, extraordinary and eye-catching. This gives rise to an innate urge to give a flow to one’s creative expression in the form of music, technology, spreading your colors on paper and photography. Your expression can be anything from naturalistic, realistic, inspirational and conceptual. This means that we are surrounded by Art in way or the other in our day to day life. With sedentary lifestyle and its associated drawbacks taking a toll on our lives the importance of art cannot be denied in the world we live in.

The Current Trends from the World of Art
It can be rightly said that art market is in a better shape than the economy. The reason for the same can be attributed to the fact that art can offer much needed comfort during times of trouble and hence is a safer investment option to consider.

Copper artwork is another consistently growing and hot trend from the world of fine art. Some gorgeous patterns and colors can be created on a piece of metal especially by working it into 3 dimensional ripples. It is interesting to note how the shape of the wave is enhanced when light changes its movement due to the changing angle of the sun.

Photography is the recent trend from the world of art that is gaining immense popularity among people across continents and due credit needs to be given to photographers for managing to bring still pictures to life and let them do the talking. When talking about the field of photography some pioneering work has been witnessed by dedicated photographers like Tierney Gearon who has revolutionized the way in which photography is seen today. You can go online to learn more about where to view Gearon’s photos.

Contemporary Art Trends — A Study of Tierney Gearon
This is an interesting topic about the manner in which a different approach is used by the artist to come out with hybrid styles. In this form of artistic expression, a hybrid of different styles is created with the help of symbolic narratives, figurative work and enveloping one image over the other  ( when it comes to the field of photography). This blurring of variations can produce interesting results for the observer.

Tierney Gearon has successfully managed to include variations in her photographs through double exposures. What makes her work unique is the fact that she resorts to the traditional process of doubly exposing the image that is present inside the camera. What makes every different picture a piece of art is that Tierney Gearon doesn’t make use of Photoshop or retouching to work on these images. It is a myriad hybrid of patterns and colors that is the end result. The photographer is influenced by her life experiences revolving around her life with her family and kids being her biggest source of inspiration. Sally Mann, Amy Stein, ElinorCarucci and David Hillard are other photographers who have a somewhat similar or resembling style like her’s.

What excites Tierney Gearon is the surprise element associated with her photography because either the end result after combining two different locations on a single film is a hit or a mess. This out of the box approach is what differentiates this photographer’s work from others.