Basic Lighting Arrangements for Portrait Photography

Technology constantly changes the way we view and experience the world around us. It affects every facet of our lives from our jobs to our photography and hobbies is no exception. There have been many innovations in the past that have changed the way we take pictures and there are many more to come in the future. Here are some of the most exciting.

1. Light field cameras

Modern cameras allow us to modify certain aspects of a photo such as exposure or white balance even after the picture was taken. Then we can use software and process the pictures even further. However, if the original shot was out of focus then there is nothing that can be done. But this is no longer the case with light field cameras. They are able to shift the focus of an image after the picture was taken and they also have other qualities such as excellent performance in low light situations.


2. Electronic contact lenses

This technology is still a few years away, but it is certainly within our grasp. First, action cams mounted to helmets allowed us to capture the world around us. Then technology managed to drastically reduce the size and place capturing devices in sunglasses. It seems only natural that contact lenses are the next logical step.


3. Liquid lenses

This is technology that has been in the works for a while and some of the biggest companies in the industry have already announced their intentions to bring it to the market within the next years. Liquid lenses will be able to overcome many of the limitations of fixed optics and will work more in the same way that the human eye works.


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