Art Exhibitions And How To Deal With Rejections

downloadDescriptions & Causes: You have painted a wonderful work of, say a figurative work and people like it. Now, you are prepared to publish it to a regional exhibition. They create you complete a submission form and pay a fee. They keep you with very little hint about the show. You are made to believe that they would consider all types of artwork, but you come to find out that all of the approved items were scenery and mostly from known performers. You feel robbed out and tricked. You know that not every work can be approved. But you are suspicious that the strategy all along was to demonstrate only scenery artwork, and you think it would have been reasonable to let you know about that so you wouldn’t spend your cash needlessly. Next occasion you consider posting your work again, you fear the same treatment. You fear being refused and robbed.

Timeline: During the promotional stage after the venture is finished.

Action Plan: It is your cash. You have every right to consult about the characteristics and focus of the show, the choice requirements and the jury procedure. Ask concerns. Test them before posting your program. Be expert, but don’t fear about disturbing them. It is their job to response your concerns. Ensure that that you know what they want and who will decide. Good concerns get prepared you for what to anticipate.¬†Unfortunately, the art market is sometimes cruel. Some events may, for example, choose a particular category, but they don’t know if they will get enough submissions. Hence, they try to force the threat over to your shoulders. They start up for all groups just in case they have to force beyond their recommended category. If they get adequate pieces within their recommended category, they decline works such as yours and you will loose your cash.

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